The Camera Store - Wooden Niccolls

Mar 31, 2017

Our friends at The Camera Store are once again up to having too much fun. They produce a series of videos entitled Wooden Niccolls and for each episode, they recreate a famous movie scene using non-pro cameras to see if they can achieve the original look. This time they chose a classic scene out of the 1990 American biographical crime film Goodfellas. After cutting the scene together it was sent to us at LookLabs to recreate the look. Oh, did we mention this was shot on the new Panasonic GH5…you'll love the capability of this camera, it's absolutely wonderful. For the grade we choose one of the digital film stocks from our new and soon to be released DFS product line - KODAK 5219 - to quickly dial in the look and give it a great finish.

Check out this Camera Store remake of Goodfellas.

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