HDR Is Here. What is HDR?

Apr 4, 2017

What is HDR? Why does it matter? Will it last? And how should we handle it? Colorist and blogger Kevin Shaw casts some light onto the brights and darks of this technology. We’ve been hearing about ‘HDR’ since 2014, and it’s clearly an important and much debated development in the industry. Rather confusingly, HDR has come to mean two quite different things:

1. The use of multiple exposures merged together to capture a wider dynamic range than is usually possible, or

2. The use of a display with significantly brighter whites and, usually, deeper blacks to display a higher dynamic range than the current standards (rec 709 and DCI P3).

Clearly, some clarity is needed. The first definition – HDR capture – is also known as Photo HDR or HDR imaging (HDRi); this article won’t discuss that. Instead, we are going to look at HDR displays – in particular, why they are here, how they are different and why they are better.

Kevin Shaw has over 30 years of experience as a colorist, and works all over the world grading feature films, commercials and TV shows. He has been teaching colorists for over 2 decades, created the da Vinci Academy in 1998, and co-founded the International Colorist Academy in 2009 and co-founded Colorist Society International in 2016. Check out Kevin's in-depth article on HDR at this link: http://www.finalcolor.com/hdr/

HDR Landscape by NavyJoe11

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