Coming Soon - DFS by LookLabs

May 10, 2017

Our friends at Digital Design Group have been up to their creative goodness once again. This dramatic short is another camera test/art piece and the pictures are amazing. They gave it to us to grade and utilize our new upcoming looks DFS - Digital Film Stock. We chose to use DFS KODAK 5231 as the base look for this piece. We gave it an HDR finish which allows us to maintain all the detail in the blacks and whites. The end result turned out amazing…you be the judge. Thanks to DDG for the great pictures and allowing us to give this test a cinematic finish.

DFS will change how you color grade forever - DFS are the world’s most accurate motion picture film emulations that are designed to work with today’s digital cinema cameras. When you apply a DFS LUT to your color balanced timeline, your video will instantly take on the personality and character of film. Working with DFS LUTs makes color grading a joy, allowing you to focus on what’s important in the frame. Stay tuned for further announcements of our new DFS product line.

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