Tangent Panels and Sony's Capture One Pro 10

May 31, 2017

Color grading is one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to elevating your images and video. One of the most frustrating and intimidating things about working with color is that it can often feel tedious and un-intuitive. Video editors often employ physical editing panels when color grading their work and now Tangent, one of the leading makings of video editing hardware, have brought support for Capture One Pro 10 to their system. The Element and the Ripple are not fundamentally all that different. The Ripple is fairly small, not quite as wide as a standard 10-key keyboard. It's made entirely of plastic so it's fairly light and, while it does feel well made, you do definitely notice that you are working with a piece of plastic hardware and not something more robust.

The Element is made up of four separate panels that can be used independently, as a single unit, or in whatever configuration you like. Each segment has different functionality to fit your precise needs. It also comes in this customized Pelican hard-case so you can haul it wherever your editing takes you. Oh and the build quality on the Element is absolutely outstanding. Every inch of it feels precise and futuristic and each panel has a solid heft to it that is, dare I say it, luxurious.

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