LookLabs Staff Pick - Twin Peaks, Season 3

Jul 10, 2017

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) returns to Twin Peaks 25 years later for the 18-episode season, directed solely by David Lynch. This series is all David Lynch and if you like his work…you will love this show. The photography is amazing with tons of unusual angles to make the viewer feel uncomfortable. The look of the show is all about film - the colors and the grading gives the series the classic look and feel of film.

To achieve this look is very easy when using our new set of LUT’s DFS Digital Film Stock. "I would start to play with the various Kodak stocks, we have 12 to choose from, I'm sure you'll quickly find the look you’re after", states LookLabs Lead Colorist Jeff August. "DFS instantly gives you the natural look of film and the most flexible set of LUT’s on the market, our bundle includes 19 LUTs that perfectly emulate the most popular Kodak and Fuji film stocks". DFS comes in both REC. 709 and LOG video formats and all SpeedLook camera patches work with today’s most popular digital cinema and mirrorless cameras.

Check out the trailer for Season 3 - Twin Peaks.

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