T2 Trainspotting Pops with Punchy Saturated Color

Aug 7, 2017

Achieving the look and personality of T2 Trainspotting is as simple as starting with one of LookLabs' Kodak digital film stocks. This film pops off the screen, colors are highly saturated yet the skin tones have been dialed down.

T2 Trainspotting is a 2017 British comedy drama film, set in and around Edinburgh, Scotland. The film is directed by Danny Boyle and written by John Hodge, based on characters created by Irvine Welsh in his novel Trainspotting (1996). "The original Trainspotting became a cult classic and is still on my all-time favorites list", states LookLabs colorist Jeff August. "One thing I love about T2 is the color and, when I say color I mean the amount of color, this film pops off the screen". Colors are highly saturated yet the skin tones have been dialed down. It is a refreshing watch considering a lot of movies are going for more of a de-saturated HDR finish - good or bad.

So how do you achieve this look when grading your project? "I would suggest starting with our Kodak film stocks that are included in our new DFS Digital Film Stock product, this will give you a nice starting base with punchy colors". The DFS bundle includes 19 LUTs that perfectly emulate the most popular Kodak and Fuji film stocks. DFS comes in both REC.709 and LOG video formats and all SpeedLooks camera patches work with today's most popular digital cinema and mirror-less cameras. You can purchase the DFS Complete Bundle at the introductory price of just $129. With your purchase, you will receive KODAK 5201, 5205, 5212, 5217, 5218, 5219, 5222, 5229, 5231, 5245M, 5299 and SFX 200T and FUJI ETERNA 250D, 250T, 400T, 500T, REALA 500D, F-125 and F-64D.

Check out the official trailer for T2 Trainspotting to view the look that you can achieve with DFS. from LookLabs.

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