LookLabs User Profile - Sunshine Weddings

Feb 19, 2018

Mountain climbing, helicopters, and drones … not the typical stuff of wedding videos. But then, longtime SpeedLooks user Scott Thoroughgood, isn’t your typical wedding videographer. He and the team at Sunshine Films will use every tool, including color grading, to make the couple’s big day more than memorable. Thoroughgood says of wedding videos, “They have evolved from a blow by blow documentary account of the day, shot primarily on tripods, to a free flowing story incorporating time-shifting, audio from many sources, motion video shots, and layering with licensed music. A whole lot more enjoyable to watch", we couldn’t agree more, take a look.

Sunshine Weddings has a large collection of Sony video and still cameras to work with including the A7s, A7Rii, A76300 and RX10ii. Thoroughgood doesn’t hesitate to mix his cameras because he knows with SpeedLooks camera patches and LUTs he can balance the different camera LOG's with ease archiving the exact look and color mood he wishes. In addition to SpeedLooks color grading technology, Thoroughgood has embraced all the newest tools to support his shooting like gimbals, time-lapse photography and drones.

One thing Thoroughgood is adamant about is enhancing the story through color. As he says, “Color is important, very important. This is where SpeedLooks comes in! The Looks give us a great color package to help accentuate the natural colors in the wedding day.” It all helps to heighten the color imagery: white dresses, suits and ties, flowers, sparkling precious metals and stones, and special décor. “It’s opened up a whole new avenue for creativity without having to be a color grading expert.” Thoroughgood says of SpeedLooks.

When asked what making these personal short films means to him, Thoroughgood says, “A bit of our heart and soul goes out with every film. It’s actually quite nerve wracking every time I finish a film and send it out. ”Most of Sunshine Weddings’ clientele is international and their primary focus is couple elopements and small weddings. As a result, Thoroughgood and his team are involved in planning the event almost from the very start. “Come wedding day our couples know us well and feel comfortable, which translates to natural, authentic footage,” He enthuses. Add in stunning scenery, great gear, top of the line technology and an array of SpeedLooks color looks and you have the makings of a memorable wedding day film courtesy of Sunshine Weddings.

Check out Sunshine Weddings at: http://www.sunshineweddings.co.nz/

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