From Dim Light Pictures - Union Leader

May 10, 2018

Resigned to his fate as a worker in a notoriously shoddy chemical plant, Jay realizes that he must not only find a way to support his family, but also overcome grave social and legal injustice in the system. Union Leader is inspired by real-life events and tells the story of Jay who struggles to support his family while overcoming corporate greed and legal injustice.

Writer, Producer and Director Sanjay Patel approached LookLabs for the final color grade on his feature film Union Leader. Finishing was completed using DFS Kodak 5217 to create a brilliant film look with rich and warm skin tones, deep and realistic industrial scenes and an overall beauty enhancing the storyline of oppression and victory.

DFS (Digital Film Stock) is the last piece of the puzzle to achieving the look of film. They accurately map the beautiful colors of the most popular film stocks for all digital cameras. DFS Complete comes in both Linear (rec.709) and LOG formats. You even have the flexibility of using them on-set to pre-visualize your look. A total of 28 camera patches are included in the bundle to help perfectly match your LOG footage. VS-LOG (Virtual Speed-LOG) and our camera patch technology is the other major ingredient in our color science. By creating a virtual LOG baseline, you can now match all cameras. This allows us to guarantee consistent, beautiful, filmic looks every time you use them, regardless of the camera used. DFS Complete sells for $119 USD.

Check out this color reel and see the beauty of DFS Kodak 5217.

DFS, SpeedLooks and our intermediate VS-LOG process combined with our exclusive camera patch technology offers a total workflow solution for your color correction needs. Color by LookLabs … revolutionizing the digital production world… one image at a time, all with the click of a button. Find out more at