New Product Release - Tangent Wave 2

May 17, 2018

After a long time in development, Tangent have revealed their all-new control surface for all kinds of color grading apps: The Tangent Wave2. If you have really deep pockets, the new Arc control surface might be worth a closer look, too. The Tangent Wave2 is a direct successor of the almost 10-year old Wave control surface. At NAB 2017 Tangent had a prototype on display but now the Wave2 seems to be ready.

If you compare the original Wave to the new Tangent Wave2 control surface, you’ll immediately feel familiar. The Wave2 features some major improvements, though! First of all, it’s way smaller than the original Wave. And, even more importantly, the pickups of the tracker-balls are now optical ones. The original Wave panel had mechanical pickups which offered less resolution and were more susceptible to dust.

To read the full Cinema 5D article by Olaf von Voss, click here and enjoy the read - well worth your time:

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