LookLabs Staff Pick - Abracadavers

Jan 29, 2019

When Numera Films brought their comedy/fantasy series Abracadavers to Color by LookLabs for final grading, we knew we had signed up for some serious fun.The plot follows lead character Chris, who recently lost his mother in a hair salon chair accident. While some might keep a simple reminder, like a picture, Chris can’t seem to fight his obsessive-compulsive disorder to keep the hair salon chair that killed his mother.

Gabriel, his closest friend, believes this is more than an obsession and along with a group of friends, kidnaps him and the salon chair and embarks on a road trip where everyone discovers, as Chris had previously begun to expect, that the salon chair gives those close to it superpowers. What more can we say!

The comedic tone of this web series was accented by a unique color palette and overall punchy, vibrant look. Under the watchful eye of director Morgan Ermter, we combined LookLabs DFS Fuji and SpeedLooks Big to create something new and unique … just like Abracadavers.

Check out this grading vignette and see the end result.

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