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$ 99 USD

A simple and easy way to create beautiful filmic looks using a single LUT. Designed for quick color correction and no hassle color grading, SpeedLooks Studio Linear works with all rec.709 and DSLR footage.

  • Instant 35mm film personality with a single click
  • Designed for increased productivity by streamlining color grading workflow
  • Works in real time with Adobe Premiere, AVID, FCX and more
  • Quickly preview various SpeedLooks to find the perfect look for your project
  • SpeedLooks Studio Linear includes all looks from our previous SpeedLooks releases

SpeedLooks Studio Linear is for editors and colorists looking for a quick, real time way to achieve a beautiful filmic look. SpeedLooks Studio Linear is designed to provide great looking images with quick turnaround. Perfect for sports, news, commercials, corporate, wedding and music videos. SpeedLooks Studio Linear works in Adobe PhotoShop, Premiere, SpeedGrade, AfterEffects as well as AVID, Resolve, FCX and more.

Before and After Examples

Professionally graded with SpeedLooks by Jump Studios.

SpeedLooks Supports

DaVinci Resolve (Full & Lite), Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe AfterEffects CS6/CC, Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC, Final Cut Pro X*, Avid 8, Shake, Pandora Revolution/Pixi, CineForm Studio Premium, Nuke, Scratch, Film Master, Quantal Pablo, BaseLight, Motion 5

(* requires LUT Utility Plugin)
Supported Products

DSLR Shooting

SpeedLooks Studio Linear is perfect for DSLR footage and stills to provide stunning images and narrative looks. SpeedLooks proven color science is designed to streamline DSLR workflow. SpeedLooks provides the flexibility to push your image further to create your own custom look. Color grade your digital images and achieve the look you want in less time.

Behind the Looks

Jeff August has worked with clients such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, HBO, and ESPN over the past 25 years and has earned numerous awards for directing, editing, and coloring in television and film. As co-founder with Brian Vos of Jump Studios, a premium post production company with color grading services being the cornerstone of their business, they found the need for a product which could easily achieve a starting point to a digital color grade. Jeff’s knowledge and years of experience with editing, color grading programs and digital image color, developed SpeedLooks color science with Jerome Sabourin.