Staff Pick: Overlord from JJ Abrams

Mar 1, 2019

"I recently sat down to watch JJ Abrams new film Overlord" states LookLabs colorist Jeff August. "Overlord injects a healthy dose of schlock into familiar war-movie tropes to create an entertainingly grungy hybrid. It’s a WWII movie mixed with a zombie thriller…so fun! The opening scene is absolutely thrilling!!! What makes this movie a joy to watch is the creepy color pallete pushing the color green. The scenes in the secret German lab are very creepy and unsettling. I love how a color grading can really influence the mood of the film".

If you are looking to create the look of Overloard, use the many variations of SpeedLooks Matrix. The Matrix Luts are all based around green as their primary color while preserving natural skin tones. Have fun....

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