Staff Pick - Breathing Through a Straw

Apr 3, 2019

This dramatic short by Canadian writer/director Leigh Rivenbark, was inspired by a true story and is the subject of a forty-five year old closeted gay man named Parker, who discovers an internet craze that might provide relief to his despair. A surprising text message puts him on a path of reflection, discovery and redemption. The film won the Jury Award for a Short Film at the Canadian Film Fest in Toronto, the Best Alberta Short at the Calgary International Film Festival (Oscar-qualifying festival), and the Award of Distinction from the Canada Shorts Film Festival. The film stars Christian Lloyd (The Handmaid’s Tale and Maps to the Stars).

Leigh brought his film to LookLabs for a color grade and picture finish. "We started the grade as we usually do by creating a unique look that would complement the uneasy contextual tone of the film. We began with our DFS Kodak film stock and blended it with SpeedLooks Blue and Gold. The end result gave us that great Kodak look with hints of blue in the shadows and warmer golden highlights" stated LookLabs chief colorist Jeff August.

Check out this short grading vignette to see what the completed grade looked like.

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