SpeedLooks REC 2020 Coming Soon

May 3, 2019

In 2009 LookLabs became one of the first color grading companies to release a series of professional narrative and film based LUT's with SpeedLooks. A few years later, SpeedLooks was licensed by Adobe so their users could create beautifully graded images with the click of a button. Then Avid came on-board and introduced SpeedLooks on its platform. Now artists and colorists from around the world use our products to give their projects unique and personality filled looks.

Technology never stops advancing so, to stay ahead of the creative curve, we are proud to announce that SpeedLooks REC 2020 is coming soon. REC 2020 is a much wider color space with more colors than DCI P3 (cinema colors) and will be the standard for the next 20 years. As clients start to ask for HDR and REC 2020 masters, SpeedLooks will be there helping you create beautiful colors well into the future.

Visit looklabs.net to learn more about SpeedLooks and the professional color finish you can achieve. DFS, SpeedLooks and our intermediate VS-LOG process combined with our exclusive camera patch technology offers a total workflow solution for your color correction needs. Color by LookLabs … revolutionizing the digital production world… one image at a time, all with the click of a button.