HDR Monitoring for Colorists Explained

Jun 8, 2019

Now that high dynamic range (HDR) video is becoming a production reality, monitors need HDR capability to correctly show the contrast range of the images. In these early days of HDR products, there are different HDR standards and even different approaches to the underlying technology within the monitors themselves. Interestingly, manufacturers also approach UHD/4K and HD HDR displays differently. “The primary concern with HDR monitoring is how well the dynamic range is handled,” states Hugo Gaggioni, chief technology officer for Sony Imaging Products and Solutions America. “The monitors must support the brightest highlights and deepest blacks—this is why exceptional contrast ratio capability is so important in HDR applications.”

This article from TV Technology, "Monitors Move Carefully Toward HDR", by Bob Kovacs, will help you grasp the advances made and, where the future lies for monitoring your grading projects in HDR - https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/monitors-move-ca...

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