Codex Keys Color Grading Control Panel

Sep 21, 2019

If you need a new control surface, Codex Keys is a strong contender. First and foremost, the build quality is absolutely stunning. Hefty in weight and solid in build, this is machined metal and feels closer to pounding away on a JL Cooper or a Resolve Advanced Panel than it does hitting a plasticky prosumer panel in a similar price range. For size reference, the Keys is about the same footage as the Avid Artist Color.

Connectivity is a single USB-C cable. Once the Codex driver was installed and running, Premiere connected to the panel and no additional configuration was required. The panel features rotary encoders as well as + and - keys for each channel. In most color tools these are interchangeable with both input methods active by default.

Check out the full RedShark News article here:

Or, for more information on Codex ColorSynth color grading plug-in, check out this article from Studio Daily:

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