The Power of Colors in Filmmaking

Oct 19, 2019

No, this is not an article regarding color grading. The goal here is not to transform you into a colorist nor a DaVinci Resolve specialist. Although this article aims to junior filmmakers and beginners, I am sure it will be beneficial to every content creator.

We are experiencing the digital cinema age, which means we are surrounded by affordable cinema cameras that deliver sophisticated codecs and output. Therefore, it is essential to recognize some fundamental methodologies regarding colors. Nowadays, almost every camera manufacturer is allowing us to grade their footage. RAW is not rare anymore, but a ubiquitous codec. The Log-X alternatives are also very robust in terms of color-ability in post, which means you can take almost any footage and manipulate its colors.

Here's the full article from Y.M. Cinema Magazine and author Yossy Mendelovich - it's well worth the read!

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