Four Common Color Grading Mistakes to Avoid

Dec 18, 2019

A lot goes into making a video look professional, and one of the final and most important steps is the color grade. It's easy to make a mistake here, and this great video will highlight four such missteps that new videographers often make when it comes time to color grade. This helpful video from Chrystopher Rhodes and YCImaging will show you four mistakes new videographers commonly make when they color grade their work. Color grading is an important step, as it's both rather technical and a chance to add your artistic signature and to further solidify your signature style. As such, it's especially important to give it lots of careful attention.

Of the mistakes, perhaps the most common one is simply going over the top with the grade. It can be quite easy to go from stylized to garish, even for more seasoned editors. It's a great idea to step away from your computer after you finish your grade for an hour or even a night, then re-watch your footage with fresh eyes. Less is often more in this case.

Check out this video for more helpful tips!

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