Pro Tips to Expand Your Color Grading Skills

Feb 3, 2020

Color grading is still a mystery for many and it's no secret there’s a huge knowledge gap in dealing with color in post-production. Very often, it’s only an afterthought, but it’s clear that coloring a film in the correct or fitting way is as important to the final result as selecting the right lighting while shooting. The multitude of cameras and video file formats out there give filmmakers around the world a lot of choices these days when it comes to the selection of their working gear. It also makes a lot of things more complicated. Footage from different cameras looks very different and needs to be treated differently to get the best results. Then there’s also the mixture of 8-bit, 10-bit and 12-bit material that we are constantly dealing with, with the majority of people certainly shooting in 8-bit which originally was never meant to be graded. Mixing different cameras on shoots has really become the norm, but making them really look alike is still a huge challenge for many.

Check out this video produced by Ollie Kenchington and Cinema 5D where he shares eight pro tips to help you expand your color grading skills.

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