LookLabs Staff Pick - The Man in the High Castle

Mar 16, 2020

"With so many TV series available today I enjoy it when I can watch a complete series from beginning to end in a couple of weeks. The last season of Man in the High Castle was released this November so I dived in", stated LookLabs Chief Colorist Jeff August

"The show has a very interesting premise that includes alternate realities and parallel dimensions. I won't say too much about the show because I may spoil it. One thing I can say is the color grading and look add as much to the narrative as do the rest of the ingredients".

The Man in the High Castle show starts in a dark world where the Germans and the Japanese have won WWII. Colors are desaturated and moody. As the show develops we are introduced to different versions of this same world. Each of those versions has there own unique look. At times the color helps the viewer know where they are.

"There are so many color palettes in this series that using SpeedLooks would easily allow you to create them all. A few I would suggest would be Matrix, Blue, Gold and Clean",

You can watch the Man on the High Castle on Amazon Prime Video or, check out this lnk for the official trailer:

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