Going for the Big Look - SpeedLooks BIG

May 6, 2020

What is BIG? SpeedLooks BIG really pops cyan, teal, orange, and red to achieve that 'Big Money' feature look. It perfectly saturates the image without going over the top. Much like your best Ridley Scott, Michael Bay, or JJ Abrams movies, achieve a blockbuster color palette while keeping your skin tones even and your whites and blacks pure.

SpeedLooks Linear LUTs are a simple way to create beautiful filmic images using one LUT. Designed for quick color correction, these LUTs work on all REC. 709 footage. Our LOG LUTs provide a comprehensive 2-LUT process to color grading using our intermediate VS-LOG combined with our exclusive camera patch technology. Perfect for anyone working with LOG footage, SpeedLooks works in all editing and color correction software that support LUTs.

Big SL-3535 comes in seven variants – Big HDR, LDR, NDR, Big Minus Blue and Big Teal HDR, LDR and NDR.

Check out this grading sampler featuring our Big NDR look.

DFS, SpeedLooks and our intermediate VS-LOG process combined with our exclusive camera patch technology offers a total workflow solution for your color correction needs. Color by LookLabs … revolutionizing the digital production world… one image at a time, all with the click of a button. Visit looklabs.net to learn more.