The Outpost: The Look of War in Afghanistan

Aug 20, 2020

"As a fan of action and military movies I was excited to watch The Outpost starring Orlando Bloom and Scott Eastwood, he looks and sounds just like his dad!!" states Colorist for LookLabs Jeff August. Based on true events. A team of U.S. soldiers stationed at the deadliest outpost in Afghanistan are relentlessly attacked by an overwhelming force of Taliban insurgents. Their fight for survival is the ultimate display of American valor.

This film has a unique look that places you in the heat of Afghanistan. It creates warm tones, darker skin levels, and even keeps a yellow cast in the highlights (whites). "We love this look so much we created it and named it Gold-Orange in our first version of SpeedLooks. Simply apply the Gold-Orange LUT, adjust its transparency to dial in the amount you want. You may want to play with adding some more blue or green to your blacks."

Check out this montage of shots to see the level of green and blue in the blacks.

Told with gripping realism, The Outpost is a thrilling technical feat and a worthy tribute to military heroes.

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