The Color of Space - Achieved With SpeedLooks

Sep 18, 2020

One of the first things to happen when starting a color grade on a movie or TV show is establishing the look and feel for each scene or environment. "I've been watching a new series from Netflix called Away. It's about man's first journey to Mars and how it effects the lives of the people involved. It's a great series and worth looking at closely from a color perspective" states LookLabs colorist Jeff August.

Lets focus on three looks. The first being a clean neutral look for everything that happens on earth. The colors and contrast are easily achieved by using SpeedLooks Clean LUTs.

The interior scenes inside of the ship have a constant blue look. The variable being the color of the skin tones. In more human moments the skin is warm versus more intense scenes where the skin tones are cool creating a tense feeling. SpeedLooks Blue LUT's will get you this look with one click.

Lastly the color of space. The scenes are mainly black and white but they push any colors available (suits, helmets) to create a pleasing contrast. This look is a little more difficult because you will have to use secondaries to bring those colors back into the scene. For the initial black and white pass, try SpeedLooks Noir LUT's - black and white has never looked so good.

Check out the official trailer for Away to see how these three looks form the overall charatcter and personlity of the series.

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