Fuji's clean, warm and natural look

Oct 15, 2020

To be a farmer means endless dedication and long days. C&B Advertising approached LookLabs for the color grade on this video for United Farmers of Alberta. Footage was captured on a Red camera using the natural light from each location. LookLabs brought to life the natural look and color while matching the various sky shots for consistency.

The base grade was accomplished using one of our digital film stocks, DFS Fuji Eterna 250D and finished with a narrative LUT, SpeedLooks Clean Fuji. The end result was a clean, warm and natural look.

Check out the final look in this short grading vignette.

DFS, SpeedLooks and our intermediate VS-LOG process combined with our exclusive camera patch technology offers a total workflow solution for your color correction needs. Color by LookLabs … revolutionizing the digital production world… one image at a time, all with the click of a button. Visit looklabs.net to learn more.