Using Narrative Looks to Create Dramatic Mood

Mar 10, 2021

When Color by LookLabs originally created SpeedLooks, our goal was to allow colorists and editors to quickly and easily add our LUTs to their grading workflow, instantly getting the wow factor needed for their project. The result; beautiful colors with a personality that quickly lets you add a narrative character to your footage.

Take for example the Amazon original Sneaky Pete about a con man who is released from prison and hides from debtors by assuming his cellmate's identity, landing a job with his faux-family's bail-bond business. This series does a great job creating unique looks that add to the quirkiness of the show.

"Two looks that stood out to me were the use of gold and a Matrix style green. The gold narrative look is used in happier family times whereas the Matrix green look is used in darker scenes where the characters were up to no good. The bail bond office scene is always green even during the day, it presents a narrative that business conducted here is on the savory side" states LookLabs' Jeff August. Needless to say, achieving either of these two looks is easy using SpeedLooks Gold and Matrix.

Check out this trailer for season three of Sneaky Pete and see how they've used gold and green to set a narrative feel and look for the series.

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