The 70's - Romantic Reds and Soulful Blues

Apr 8, 2021

While TV dramas continue to look like they were lit by a sponge, 2018 gave us a wealth of beautiful film images like Roma’s black-and-white treatment while The Favourite introduced a whole new generation to the wonders of wide-angle lenses. But few recent movies have gotten as much out of the entire color spectrum as Barry Jenkins’s If Beale Street Could Talk. Every frame of the film is a feast of gorgeous shades, as Jenkins and cinematographer James Laxton conjure a vision of ’70s New York filled with rich greens, romantic reds, soulful blues, and eye-popping yellows.

Check out this wonderful article by Nate Jones on, “How Beale Street Got Those Eye-popping Colors” for his thoughts on this film and color-theory…

View the trailer for If Beale Street Could Talk to see the vision of Barry Jenkins and James Laxton.

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