Are You Color Grading in Premiere Pro?

Apr 21, 2021

A master color grader can take forgettable footage and make it memorable; they can set the mood and feel of a scene, add or remove drama, and introduce themes. So, if you're a videographer, it's a great skill to work on.

One could reasonably argue that post-production in videography is more important than in photography. Thanks to cinema, the expectations of the highest-end video are almost unreachably high for most, and while no one is expecting the same level of content, post-production can rival it. There are a few areas this is particularly relevant, and for me, they are sound and color grading. If your final video has brilliant sound and color grading, it can take your work to the next level, even if the shots themselves aren't equal to it. So, while improving at the camera side of videography is essential, what you do in post may equal it.

In this fStoppers article by Robert Baggs, learn seven very useful color grading tricks in this video.

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