DFS instantly gives you the natural look of film and the most flexible set of LUTs on the market. The DFS bundle includes 19 LUTs that perfectly emulate the most popular Kodak and Fuji film stocks. DFS comes in both REC.709 and LOG video formats and all SpeedLooks camera patches work with today's most popular digital cinema and mirrorless cameras. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and view the before and after examples from this package.

Watch Product Reel

KODAK 5201
KODAK 5205
KODAK 5212
KODAK 5217
KODAK 5218
KODAK 5219
KODAK 5222
KODAK 5229
KODAK 5231
KODAK 5299

List of Camera Patches

If you are an original SpeedLooks purchaser, haven't upgraded recently, looking to buy the latest or, simply want to own it all - consider purchasing the LookLabs Super Bundle. You get SpeedLooks Complete and DFS Complete all, for much less than if you were to buy them separately. This way, you'll have all the flexibility and the tools you'll ever need to create that prefect grade for your next project.

List of Looks

SpeedLooks SL-3500 Clean

  • Clean Fuji A HDR
  • Clean Fuji A LDR
  • Clean Fuji A NDR
  • Clean Fuji B
  • Clean Fuji B Soft
  • Clean Fuji C
  • Clean Kodak A HDR
  • Clean Kodak A LDR
  • Clean Kodak A NDR
  • Clean Kodak B
  • Clean Kodak B Soft
  • Clean Kodak B Ultrasoft
  • Clean Kodak C
  • Clean Kodak C HDR
  • Clean Straight HDR
  • Clean Straight LDR
  • Clean Straight NDR
  • Clean Neutral Start
  • Clean Punch HDR
  • Clean Punch LDR
  • Clean Punch NDR

SpeedLooks SL-3522 Artistic

  • Bleach HDR
  • Bleach LDR
  • Bleach NDR
  • Cross HDR
  • Cross LDR
  • Cross NDR
  • Iron HDR
  • Iron LDR
  • Iron NDR
  • Noir 1965
  • Noir HDR
  • Noir LDR
  • Noir Nouvelle
  • Noir Nouvelle Red
  • Noir Red Wave
  • Noir Tri-X
  • Retro Brown HDR
  • Retro Brown LDR
  • Retro Brown NDR
  • Chrome HDR
  • Chrome LDR
  • Chrome NDR

SpeedLooks SL-3527 Blue

  • Blue Cold
  • Blue Day4Nite
  • Blue Ice
  • Blue Intense
  • Blue Moon
  • Blue Steel

SpeedLooks SL-3528 Gold

  • Gold Heat
  • Gold Orange
  • Gold Rush HDR
  • Gold Rush LDR
  • Gold Rush NDR
  • Gold Tobacco
  • Gold Western
  • Gold Sport HDR
  • Gold Sport LDR
  • Gold Sport NDR

SpeedLooks SL-3530 Matrix

  • Matrix Blue
  • Matrix Green
  • Matrix Mars
  • --

SpeedLooks SL-3535 Big

  • Big HDR
  • Big LDR
  • Big NDR
  • Big Minus Blue
  • Big Teal HDR
  • Big Teal LDR
  • Big Teal NDR

Camera Patches

  • A7S SLOG 3
  • ARRI Alexa
  • BMC Raw 3200K
  • BMC Raw 5600K
  • BMC
  • Canon 1D
  • Canon 5D UEX
  • Canon 5D
  • Canon 7D UEX
  • Canon 7D
  • Canon C300
  • Canon C500
  • F-55 SLOG 3
  • FS7 SLOG 3
  • GoPro 3200K
  • GoPro 5800K
  • Nikon D800 UEX
  • Nikon D800
  • Panasonic HPX3700
  • REDlogFilm
  • REDlogFilm-Alt
  • DragonLogFilm
  • SLOG2
  • SLOG3
  • Universal
  • Varicam VLOG

"I bought DFS Complete, I love it! You nailed it, absolutely brilliant!"
- Dominique Davoust, Tipperary, Ireland.

Before and After Examples

View these professionally graded samples from the Color by LookLabs color grading facility using SpeedLooks and DFS LUTs.

Products LOOKLABS LUTs Supports

DaVinci Resolve (Full & Lite), Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe After Effects CS6/CC, Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC, Final Cut Pro X, Avid MC 7, Shake, Pandora Revolution/Pixi, CineForm Studio Premium, Nuke, Scratch, Film Master, Quantel Pablo, BaseLight, Motion 5

Supported Products
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We believe that you will be thrilled and impressed with the result that SpeedLooks can bring to your project. That's because we've gone out of our way to ensure that every SpeedLooks gives the result we intended it to and meets your needs.

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