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Using SpeedLooks and DFS in Premiere CC
In this tutorial, LookLabs Colorist Jeff August shows you how to use SpeedLooks Studio LOG in Adobe Premiere Creative Cloud edition. The integration of Adobe’s Lumetri Deep Color Engine directly into Premiere CC makes it one of the most powerful NLE's on the market in regards to color correction. Jeff goes over the basics of using SpeedLooks with the Lumetri effect in this comprehensive tutorial.
Using SpeedLooks and DFS in AVID
In this tutorial, LookLabs colorist Jeff August shows you how to use SpeedLooks for color grading in AVID Media Composer. He demonstrates easy to follow workflows for both Studio Linear and Studio LOG and will have you grading like a pro in minutes.

Customer Feedback

"I just wanted to thank you guys for answering all the questions I've had in the past and making such awesome luts!! Your luts have helpedtransform my videos into professional looking films. I'm having a blast mixing and matching different luts to get different looks. You guys rock!! Keep up the good work and know u have a customer for life. --Robert"
"OK, SO YOU MADE MY DAY! Your LUTs are incredible, awesome, I'm extremely happy! They work straight away and give the taste of film. I most like the CLEAN for DITing because it gives you an instantly great starting point with the look of analog film. The skin tones are very natural. Sitting with the DoP in our suite and looking it on a 5 meter screen with our Christie 2k projector… can't get enough of it…." --Rainer Fritz, DIT, K-Effects
"The tutorials were really helpful, I bought the 4 pack of Grades for Resolve. Totally incredible how the LookLabs LUTs alter the image and add the grain. It gives it a huge high end look like you have been to the best Grading suite." --Leo Baker